Joe Fucarino @MrSuperman_03

Born in Hackensack, New Jersey. Joseph Salvatore Fucarino was raised in Lodi, New Jersey He is the son of Philomena Cammisa and Michael Fucarino.

Joe grew up in low-income housing with his single mother. After school Joe would make home videos and short films with his friends and family. Very soon, life happened and film became something very fictional. During high school Joe worked in the restaurant industry and soon went onto college to pursue an Hospitality Management Degree. He studied at Bergen Community College from 2011-2013.

Fall of 2016 Joe started his brand "Therapy Without a Degree". Shortly after Joe started getting back to his creative ways and now is on a path to be a leading figure in the film and media industry.


I started out as a Graphic Designer in the year 2006. When I started college, I was actively engaged in graphic designing, but one class opened my creativity, and the way I looked at art had been completely changed.

Prior to the course, I assumed that art was something no more than an aesthetically pleasing painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography. At the completion of the course, I began thinking of art in a different light. Photography means to paint with light and I soon realized that there was more to photography than pressing a button.

I realized the goal of an artist is not simply to create a beautiful picture, rather express opinions, ideas and feelings to a viewer. This is when I began to think of art as a movement of the soul and mind that is brought to life through my work. I have a decade of my photography journey in magazines, fashion, editorials, commercials, and brand companies. - Zain


Natalie is truly passionate about her art and tattooing, she has been tattooing since 2011 working at Blackwork Tattoos Studio in North Jersey.

She has enjoyed working in various styles over the years, eventually deciding that her favorite style is black and grey work. Beginning her tattoo career at the young age of 15, Natalie took to tattooing and remains passionate about her work 10 years later.

Approaching each tattoo with uniqueness, patience and precision, Natalie leaves each client with a tattoo they can be proud of. Today she continues to tattoo at Blackwork tattoo where her story began, learning something new each day, she plans on creating art until her art outlives her.


Tae is an entrepreneur from Durham North Carolina. He is a man of many talents, Fitness Trainer, Podcaster, Location Management, music artist and much more!

Tae is also the VP of HalogenEnt.

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