Joe Fucarino @MrSuperman_03

Founder of Therapy Without A Degree.  Grew up with the love for art and film.  After high school he worked in the restaurant & sales industry and attended college.  In recent years he has started a marketing company called JERSEY Media.  He loves to create and help others take their life to the next level!

Zain | @IAMZainMagazine

Started out as a Graphic Designer in the year 2006. While attending college he realized the goal of an artist is not simply to create a beautiful picture, rather to express opinions, ideas and feelings to a viewer. This is when he began to think of art as a movement of the soul and mind that is brought to life through his work.  Check out his business, I am Zain Studios.

Tae Parker | @TaeGaiinz

24 yr old college drop out from Durham NC who decided to join the Herbalife Company at 23 and with the revenue from that decided to open his own gym with  his parents by the name of Total You Fitness & Nutrition. While on that journey he ran into mentor/friend Joe Fucarino where he began to work as a co-host on Therapy Without a Degree.  He is also the creator and owner of Gaiinz Nutrition.

Nat Cruz-Marrero | @NatCruzTattoos

23 year old Jersey born tattooer and artist by day, mother by night, and co-host on Therapy Without a Degree on weekends. Her career as a tattooer began when she was 16 after recieving her license to tattoo. She currently works at Blackwork Tattoos in Little falls, NJ, where she specializes in black and grey work. Some of her favorite hobbies are reading, listening to podcast, history, enjoying nature and skating.

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